Programmable Jewellery

Objective: Create Fashionably Smart Jewellery using Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology.

What you need:

[1] NXP NTag Stickers (preferable NTAG-21x series). I purchased mine on for under Rs 500 (pack of 6). Waterproof tags are also available.

[2] NFC compatible smart phone.

[3] Jewellery items you would like to smarten up (e.g. brooch, pendant, cufflinks, bracelet, watch etc) with a surface of at least 3cm in diameter to stick the NTag sticker.

Step 1: Stick the NFC sticker on the backside of your jewellery.

Step 2: Enable the NFC option in your mobile phone’s settings to read / write the tag.

Step 3: Program the NFC Tag using the NFC TagWriter App by NXP.

With this mobile app, you can program your tag to perform number of actions such as to share your business card / contact details, open your company’s or product’s webpage, send an email message or SMS, place a phone call, navigate users to a specific location / address on the map etc.

Below are some of the popular use-cases:

  1. Smart Home Automation: NFC tags are attached near the entrance door at home to automatically connect your phone to your home’s wifi network as you enter the house, or disable wifi when you leave. Your guests can also connect to your home network without having to share your password.
  2. Retail: NFC tags are attached on products to take customers directly to the product’s page where they can learn more about its features and specifications.
  3. Business Cards: In business meetings and conferences, NFC tags are added on business cards to share / add your contact information (such as your name, affiliation, job title, phone number and email) directly to the recipient’s address book.
  4. Print Ads: Many shops and restaurants use NFC tags on their print advertisements e.g. restaurant’s take-out menu to navigate customers to their store location.
  5. Technical Support: Attach a NFC tag on your laptop, fridge or TV to save and call the customer support number for any technical issues or service requests.
  6. Health-Care: Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia can wear the NFC tags that carries their personal information, such as home address or phone number of a close relative.
  7. Smart Cars: NFC tags can be attached on car’s dashboard to enable your phone’s bluetooth setting and pair it with your car’s. If you are stuck in traffic, with a single tap, you can also send a quick text message or make a phone call to let your boss / spouse know that you are running late.

I’ve programmed mine so that it takes users to my LinkedIn profile or website.

Step 4: Test your newly programmed jewellery by simply tapping it on the back of any NFC enabled phone to make sure it’s working as expected. Done!