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iPython Notebook to scrape online recipes from

Takes natural-language text query like “apple pie”, “carrot cake”, “mushroom soup” etc to search site, and extracts ingredients and cooking directions from the recipes retrieved by search results.

Web Information Extraction illustrated on Jennifer Aniston’s Wiki Page

Implements phrase and entity-relation extraction using both phrase-structure and dependency-parser output. Sample phrases include: “daughter-of greek-born actor John Aniston”, “won Prime Time Emmy Award”, “starred opposite Ben Affleck”..

Google Maps APIs include –

Distance.ipynb – to compute the distance between two cities

Local-Attractions.ipynb – to find local attractions and points-of-interests in the given city

Search-Nearby.ipynb – to search nearby shops, restaurants, hotels etc..

Real-Time Face Detection and Person Tracking using OpenCV.

Traveling Salesman Problem – illustrated on a list of European cities

Computes an optimal travel itinerary to minimize the total travel cost or distance using greedy algorithm


A Culinary Search-Engine built in AWS CloudSearch

Shows top 10 search-results for a given search term (“mushroom soup”) in JSON format

—   DATA SETS   —

Bollywood Dataset – contains full biographies of over 200 famous Bollywood actors, singers and musicians from Wikipedia, plus, plot-summaries and Wiki-pages of over 400 Bollywood movies.

FRIENDS Dataset – contains scripts of all episodes of FRIENDS tv-show from Season 1 to 8.