Computer Vision Demos

Check out these awesome demos on Face Detection, Pedestrian Detection and Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).. 

Code Available on Github at –



RaspberryPi – Media Player

Objective – Build a touch-screen multimedia display for car in 3 simple steps:

What you need – Raspberry Pi, Touch Screen Display, Micro SD Card

Step 1: Connect the SD card to your laptop or computer. Download the latest version of OSMC (open-source media center) and install it directly on the SD card. OSMC offers a linux-based operating system, that runs Kodi (media player).

Step 2: Insert the SD card (with OSMC installed) into your Raspberry Pi’s SD card slot. Attach the Raspberry Pi to touch-screen display. When you power-ON the Raspberry Pi, it directly boots via SD card, and starts the OSMC / Kodi application.

Step 3: You can either browse and play your personal media files (like audio / video / photos) via USB flash-drive, or download various add-ons (like YouTube, SoundCloud etc) for online streaming, by connecting your Raspberry Pi to WiFi network.

Note: The other alternatives to OSMC include OpenElec (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) and LibreElec that exclusively run Kodi. Alternatively, you can also install Kodi on Raspbian if you need a full Raspbian OS that runs applications other than Kodi. I have created 2 SD cards – one that exclusively runs the media player with OSMC, and the other with full Raspbian OS for general programming.



Finally by popular demand, releasing two datasets –

Bollywood Data – contains full-biographies of famous actors, singers and musicians, plus plot summaries of over 400 Hindi movies from Wikipedia.

See the Sony project on Artist Relation Extraction, or my git repository on Information Extraction from Wikipedia.

FRIENDS Data – contains full episodes and scripts from FRIENDS tv-show used in our Humor Analysis research paper.