RaspberryPi – Media Player

Objective – Build a touch-screen multimedia display for car in 3 simple steps:

What you need – Raspberry Pi, Touch Screen Display, Micro SD Card

Step 1: Connect the SD card to your laptop or computer. Download the latest version of OSMC (open-source media center) and install it directly on the SD card. OSMC offers a linux-based operating system, that runs Kodi (media player).

Step 2: Insert the SD card (with OSMC installed) into your Raspberry Pi’s SD card slot. Attach the Raspberry Pi to touch-screen display. When you power-ON the Raspberry Pi, it directly boots via SD card, and starts the OSMC / Kodi application.

Step 3: You can either browse and play your personal media files (like audio / video / photos) via USB flash-drive, or download various add-ons (like YouTube, SoundCloud etc) for online streaming, by connecting your Raspberry Pi to WiFi network.

Note: The other alternatives to OSMC include OpenElec (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) and LibreElec that exclusively run Kodi. Alternatively, you can also install Kodi on Raspbian if you need a full Raspbian OS that runs applications other than Kodi. I have created 2 SD cards – one that exclusively runs the media player with OSMC, and the other with full Raspbian OS for general programming.